We seek to leverage our size, experience and position in the industry to negotiate favorable terms and structures for our clients.

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About TCG

The Group has been created with the sole purpose of providing professional expertise that extends to more institutional type tasks such as Client Segmentation, Investment Profile Analysis through to establishing both technology and business priorities.

You cannot expect results from people who do not know how to perform which makes us constantly invest in the people working with us. Knowledge and training are the pillars of our strength. Our experience is the proof of its worth.

Our goal is to develop a closer, more tangible, results driven relationship model within the financial environment with the end objective of increasing a successful network of Investment Solutions that fall into the precise and unique requirements of the end Investor.

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When we talk about services we always keep in mind to add value for the client. This is why we often use shared value principle in our costs. This means no expenses are incurred to the customer if there is no added value from the service provided. It can be net profit, additional revenue, increased EBITDA margin, or gained market share.

Our experienced investment teams have profound relationships and access to key industry information, which enables us to have an increased number of opportunities.

We have the human capital and expertise







We build the strategy and the structure the client needs

Diagnose Problems

An experienced consultant has the ability and objectivity to diagnose a situation and its causes, recommend solutions to solve these difficulties and become the added value that ensures the path to a restored and fully functional organization, as well as the ability to look at the consequences of each alternative and construct a tailor made solution for every Management Team.

Project Management

Implementation of Projects, Legal Requirements, Teams Training and Capacitation, Client Categorization, Business Plan, Research and Market Analysis.

Raise Level of Efficiency

There are great opportunities to multiply profits, seeking improvements in efficiency levels.

Fresh Ideas

Not being involved in the day by day affairs or ignorance itself, allows the consultant to observe the circumstances in which the company is, from another perspective.

There are multiple reasons to employ consultancy, but in many cases there is a need to understand market challenges and opportunities, a need to suddenly ‘have’ skills that are not present in the business – perhaps even a need to benefit from a broader perspective that is not naturally available.

The use of consultants who come with a wide variety of capability tools effectively provides the business with a ‘shot’ of expertise that will allow the company’s management to grow without the associated risk of failure. This tactical use of resources can allow a business to develop a competitive advantage or simply a strategy for dealing with (or delivering) change.

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Under 30: the industry’s future leaders. Delia Claudia Bercea and her take on getting in line for MiFID II at executive level

Finance Feeds @ January 30, 2018, 10:22 pm UTC
Looking at the young talent that will lead our industry in future, Delia Claudia Bercea has progressed further since reporting on her leadership direction a year and a half ago, and now takes us through a business methodology that she began to present in June last year, that has now been completed. Here is how she did it.

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2018: The year of the law suit! Cyprus-based regulatory and litigation executive explains all

Finance Feeds @ February 7, 2018, 3:31 pm UTC
Paul Foley of Cyprus based management consultancy TCG explains the important considerations of GDPR, MiFID II and how these impinge on regulators and regulated firms in Cyprus and Britain, including a look at ‘passporting’ with a focus on exposure to potential law suits

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Reducing your operational risk

Finance Feeds @ February 13, 2018, 1:46 am UTC
Paul Foley of Cyprus based management consultancy TCG explains the important considerations that brokerages should prioritize, extending across IT, project management and commercial governance

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AI – Do I Need it? – Guest Editorial

Finance Feeds @ March 13, 2018, 12:21 pm UTC
“I think it’s safe to say that we all understand that in the brokerage world there are numerous strategies at work and they all work around the notion of either A-booking or B-booking clients – or a combination of the two” says Paul Foley when looking at the application of AI in the electronic trading industry

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